LIFX Mini – For a colorful home

LIFX Mini – For a colorful home

28. October 2018 1 By Kammi.Net

The LIFX Mini is the cheaper variante to its bigger Smart-Light-Bulb. Although I wouldn’t consider the price of 50€ cheap in anyway.

Installation made easy

The design of the LIFX Mini reminds me more of a classic light bulb and depending on your lamp design that might come in handy.

The installation is pretty easy. Your screw the light bulb into the socket, download the LIFX App and add the bulb. Of course you do need a LIFX account. If you start the app for the first time you will be prompted by a light search mode.

You don’t need a hub like with the Philips Hue, because LIFX bulbs connect directly to your WiFi. A brief moment later the LIFX Mini showed up and after providing the WiFi password and adding the bulb to a location, room and giving it a name the bulb was ready to light up the scene.

A neat little detail, during the installation there is a progressbar at the bottom, so that you always know how long the setup process is still gonna take. At the end we could add the bulb to your digital assistants, but I’ll do this later.

Light and color

You can change to color temperature from warm white to cold white, adjust the brightness or choose any color.

Of cause you can save any of these settings and they will show up in a color palette. By long pressing any color you can also remove settings you don’t want anymore. You can also choose from a variety of predefined themes. The effects are predefined templates like the flicker of a candle or stroboskop light. The most interesting might be the music visualisation. But I have to say, I didn’t use any of these very often.

A nice addition is the Day & Dusk feature. Here you can predefine what white color temperature and which brightness will be shown at any given time during the day. You can adjust the timeline to your liking. So the day could start with a colder white to get you energised  in the morning and end with a warmer while to help you wind down.

And you don’t even need to color option LIFX Mini. That also works with the cheaper LIFX MINI Day & Dusk. But this feature has one flow. Everytime there is a change in light temperature or brightness on the timeline the LIFX Mini turns on if it is turn off. Not very helpful if you don’t need the light.

Voice assistants

Of course you can control the LIFX Mini with your favorite voice assistant. Just add the LIFX account in the Google Home or Alexa app and you are ready to go. You can change brightness and color with just a short command.

LIFX Mini vs Philips Hue vs Xiaomi Yeelight

Let’s take a look at the competition. I’ve got a Philips Hue and a Yeelight from Xiaomi. The Philips Hue also cost around 50€ per bulb but the Yeelight cost less than half that.

Dimming all of them to 1% shows that the Yeelight can’t get as dimm. It is much brighter than the other two. The LIFX Mini and Philips Hue are doing a job here. Dimming the light down that much comes in handy if you want a night light and not be blinded. At 50% brightness the Yeelight is still brighter and shows that it can be so fine tuned like the LIFX Mini or Philips Hue. At 100% it is hard to spot a difference. All three get to 800 lumen and the brightness is very similar.

Looking at the colors I focus on saturation the most. For green the LIFX Mini does the best job, but the Yeelight comes in at a very close second. Only the Philips Hue can’t hold up. For blue it is more or less the same. The blue looks the best on the LIFX Mini followed by the Yeelight and Philips Hue’s blue is a little pale. Red still looks the best on the LIFX Mini but this time the Philips Hue come in at second with the Yeelight in last place.

All three claim to produce 16 millions color, which I can’t test right now so I hope the RGB-test gave you a little inside.

Conclusion to the LIFX Mini

The LIFX Mini produces the deepest colors and the installation and controls are very easy. For me that makes the LIFX Mini the better choice compared to the Philips Hue. The Yeelight come in at a very close second, but the LIFX Mini still produced to more saturated colors and it is better dimmable. If that is worth the price is up to you.