Vigorun – Hurting your Ears

Vigorun – Hurting your Ears

10. November 2018 0 By Kammi.Net

At first glance these wireless earbuds sounds too good to be true. You get truly wireless earbuds with noise canceling for just 50€. So I had to test these out to tell you if they are worth it.


The packaging is nothing special. You get a charging case, the earbuds and a micro USB cable. With that you charge the case, which charges the earbuds.

One charge of the case lets you charge your earbuds up to four times and one charge of the earbuds lasts about three hours playback time. But I couldn’t test this numbers because I couldn’t keep these Vigorun earbuds on for so long.

There are different accessories to adjust the fit of the Vigorun to your liking. Once these earbuds fit they are comfortable and will stay safely in your ear. Even when you more your head fast the Vigorun stay where they are supposed to stay.

Connecting and controlling

Connecting the Vigorun is fairly easy. You have to charge them first and after that activate them. Now they show up as TWS-I8 in your bluetooth menu and you can connect them from there.

The main earbuds may show up as left or right earbud. Which ever shows up in the menu will you your main earbud. In my case that is the left earbud.

Now you can start playing back music. The button on the Vigorun enable you to control them, by using different gestures of pressing and holding the button.

But I would advise against doing that while the earbuds is in your ear. These are clicky buttons and not touch sensitive areas, so you are gonna press down into your ear, which really is gonna hurt.

Attention to detail

And by the way the Vigorun print on the right earbud is upside down. Not a real problem, but it shows the manufacture didn’t play any attention to details.

All of that wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for me. But we didn’t listen to them yet. Let’s do that now.

That sound

Listening to the Vigorun for the first time truly shocked me. I have never hear any earphones that sounded that bad. Even the speakers in older smartphones sound better and that is not a very high standard.

The Vigorun are really hurting my ears and that is why I couldn’t test the playback time. I just couldn’t stand it.

While watch videos there is a little delay. I guess that is because the earbuds have to synchronize and that is probably causing the delay.

Other manufactures have proven that this works without a delay but now with the Vigorun. Overall that is one of the minor flaws.

Noise canceling

Supposedly the Vigorun have noise canceling but I never got it to work. I even asked the manufacture. The answer surprised me. I should let the Vigorun play music for 2 hours, than it should work.

First of all I usually don’t start play music on my earbuds two hours before I want to use them and with a playback time of three hours that just doesn’t sound right. Anyway I tested it out and I can tell you, it doesn’t work at all. No surprise here!

Conclusion to the Vigorun earbuds

I have never tested a product like this. Even if a product isn’t great, a lot of it is just personal preference. When it comes to the Vigorun I only got one advise, don’t spend any money on them. They are not worth it. The charging case is nice and they are truly wireless, but you do not want to put them into your ear.